Your Worries and KRL Solutions:

“Small Consumables”:

You prefer to buy from local market—higher cost.
 But                          China market—lower cost.

“General Consumables”:

Yes huge amount of suppliers on the market,but it’s not easy for you to recognize and confirm a qualified and value matched one for you.

“We already have stable and qualified partners”:

Totally understand and happy for your present smoothly cooperation,once you have new plan or idea,you can reach us at anytime.

“Agent or Manufacturer”:

It’s better to call us Partner of Manufacturer rather than single agent. Particularly we are independent overseas dept. of Dongguan filter factory based in Shenzhen.And the truth is many factories hope to be our supplier since we do help them to open and expand market.

-One manufacturer one product
-Various consumables means  lots of manufacturers to manage and work with for you.
-One sample or one manufacturer test failed,much more time to invest for confirmation.
-Large labor&management cost means higher cost for overseas market for them.
-Different level of international humanistic environment and export capacity.

Kingrayland  People

-Competent and efficiency organization structure.Streamlining and senior qualified 8--10 years PCB industry experienced people.
-Which Greatly Decided why we can keep beautiful price.
-Customer and market oriented ,focus on international market.
-Good experience in Chinese supplier market for each product line.

Integrated Platform

Producing PCB is a complex process of many steps.Each step requires lots of consumables to ensure the safe and efficiently production.The work of purchasing all consumable part is a complicated and arduous work.Usually PCB fabricator need work with many different supplier for even every small items,sometimes it’s a time consuming and management consuming.KRL will help you on this since you only need to connect with us as one dock window for a series of PCB consumable materials.

Customer Management

Each customer will sign a customer manager to control all issue about your demand.He will:
-Split analysis and sorted out all your specific needs.Customize your PCB consumable process workflow
-Prepare several level product for your check since different market needs
-Communicate proactively with you at each milestone to resolve technical problems
-Quotation,lead time,delivery way,pre purchasing,stock suggestion solutions advising

Completed Order Fulfillment Solution

-Qualified and cost saving product list confirmation with both sides
-Lead time,urgently order solution
-Delivery method solution:by sea,by air,container
-Customer Service
-Data record:long term cooperation customer procurement data record.

Freight Services

You do not have time to take care of transportation? No worries! We can arrange freight services and delivery directly to your warehouse, office, or other place. Thanks to our partner’s forwarders we are able to offer you the best transit time and prices all around the world. If you would like to have an idea on the order and freight prices, please request us a quotation. We’ll answer you within 24 hours.

Always Latest Technology

Since PCB industry is a high-end science and technology industry,it always meet a rapidly upgrade with cutting edge and high accuracy technology,we will keep focus and pacing up with both China and international PCB developing speed,to provide all our customer latest technology product.