2019 HKPCA

2019-12-09 18:26:00

2019 HKPCA 

As we all know,HKPCA is the largest show in PCB indsutry which will be held every year in Shenzhen,China.


We can meet almost all the suppliers, customer and friends mostly from all over the world.Customer come and visit directly to talk about their demand ,also with factory tour to confirm as much business as possible.Which help to expedite the business exchange between Chinese PCB market and the overseas.


But from our perspective,Chinese PCB people still need to step to international market to deepen the real needs.Even the HKPCA is the largest show with most vistors,we can find that there's not so much foreign friends visiting,it still has much more space to expand Chinese PCB  market to worldwide.


Except HKPCA etc. Chinese PCB professional exhibition,Kingrayland Technology also has plan to visit  Electronica and Productronica show in Munich each year.That's one of our company stratery to deepen the market and connect with the international market and people.


To share with more Chinese PCB  information and to bring more internional trend into China is always one of Kingrayland's mission.


Let's meet in HKPCA and Electronica next year!