EPE Plastic Card Shipment to Italy

2021-07-21 14:30:24


EPE plastic card(slip sheet) is a new type of environmental protection material. It is now commonly used to replace ordinary plastic cards (ordinary plastic card) to seperate boards in PCB factory,much better to protect the boards with soft material to keep best boards integrity.Thickness:0.16/0.45mm available
Non-toxic, odorless, sound insulation, sound absorption, heat insulation, no pollution to the atmosphere during incineration, good resilience, softness and thickness can be adjusted at will, light weight, etc., It is irreplaceable compared with other foam  cotton materials . They can be formed by thermoforming or flame-retardant.
 PCB separating,sports protective gear, handbags and bags, automobiles, aerospace, construction, shoe materials, toys, airconditioners, oilpipeline insulation, etc.