Gel Time Tester Machine

I.               Product Application:

Inspect the gelation time of the adhesive sheet" class="taglink" href="" target="_blank">adhesive sheet for laminate press to ensure the performance of raw materials used in production


II.            Product Features: 

1.     Designed and manufactured according to the test method 2.3.18 in the IPC-TM-650 Test Method Manual, which is used to test the gelation time of prepregs" class="taglink" href="" target="_blank">prepregs and resin" class="taglink" href="" target="_blank">resins.

2.     Equipped with all necessary test tools (sampling spoon, filter screen, paraffin)

3.     The thermostat adopts digital display and PID control to accurately control the temperature of the glue cell with an accuracy of ±0.5 °C.

4.     The operation is simple and convenient, and two START/STOP control buttons are designed on the left and right to adapt to the different experimental operation crowds.

5.     Large LED LCD digital display, beautiful appearance


III.         Product Parameter:

1.     Hot plate temperature control accuracy: ± 0.5 °C

2.     Hot plate temperature minimum reading : 0.1 °C

3.     Working temperature : 230 °C maximum

4.     Clock timing : 0-999.9 seconds

5.     Hot plate size: φ 20.0mm

6.     Power supply : 220V, 50Hz, 300W, single phase

7.     Dimensions : 310 × 310 × 410mm (W × D × H)

8.     Weight : 11.5kg