Copper Foil Peel Strength Testing Machine

I.               Product Application:

It is professionally used to measure the peeling strength" class="taglink" href="" target="_blank">peeling strength of copper foil" class="taglink" href="" target="_blank">copper foil on rigid copper clad laminates" class="taglink" href="" target="_blank">rigid copper clad laminates, the pull-out force of PAD, a sample fixture, and a rigid specimen clamp small trolley.


II.            Product Features: 

1.     It adopts high-quality motor and pole drive, no vibration and no noise.

2.     With a display governor, you can control its test speed.

3.     Adopt digital display precision tension head, equipped with printing port, with computer recordable force curve or data IEC-326-2 "Printed circuit board test method" 7.1 standard conforms to GB/T 4677-2002 7.1.1, GB/T13557-921PC-TM-650 2.4.8, IPC-TM-650 2.4.9 standard

4.     Configure high-precision digital display force meter, force meter capability: 0-1kg, 0-5kg, 0-10kg, 0-15kg force meter can be selected.

5.     The force meter shows that the unit can be converted between pounds, kilograms and Newtons.

6.     Built-in rechargeable battery

7.     With N, kg, lb three units free conversion

8.     The four-and-a-half-digit LCD digital display uses a USB data cable that can be used in conjunction with a computer for statistical analysis and instant display of pull charts.


III.         Product Parameters: 

1.     Voltage: AC220V

2.     Power: 6W

3.     Frequency:50Hz

4.     Maximum range:60mm

5.     The thickest part of the workpiece:10mm

6.     Maximum pull:50N

7.     Maximum deviation: ±0.05N

8.     Dimension:L470 *W380*H520   (unit:mm)

9.     Net weight:13kg


IV.          Product Configuration:

1.     One host machine

2.     High-precision digital display force meter

3.     A set of software(optional)

4.     A set of brand PC(Lenovo or same level brand, optional)