Line Width Line Distance Tester Machine

I.               Product Application:

Detecting the width of the upper and lower widths of the printed circuit board and the outer semi-finished product after development etching (before the green oil), the distance between the line and the line, the diameter of the round hole, the blind hole, the arc and the distance from the hole to the edge . At the same time, it can be extended to the measurement of line width and line distance of IC chips, film width measurement, LCD circuit board measurement and other micro-range measurement occasions.

II.            Product Features:

1.     Granite workbench, smooth and does not scratch the board.

2.     High-sensitivity color CCD with clear image quality. High-precision mechanical adjustment device, coarse adjustment and fine adjustment of the focus distance.

3.     Red light LD positioning for quick determination of the measurement area.

4.     The dedicated LED ring light source is designed and continuously adjustable to meet a variety of measurement modes.

5.     The magnification is adjustable from 70×~450×.

6.     Software automatically finds edges, upper and lower line width measurement can be selected, measurement is faster and more accurate

7.     Administrator/operator mode for easy management

8.     Automatically save measurement pictures and manually save pictures to quickly export measurement data to Excel and word documents.

9.     Measurement result unit selectable and convertible

10.  SPC control

11.  Easy to operate software, three-button operation

12.  Chinese, English and Traditional Chinese



III.  Product Parameters: