Automatically Sample Cutting Machine

I.               Product Application:

SCM-200 automatically sample cutting machine is easy to use with the latest technology and accessories. The machine is used for the production of copper clad laminates, rigid printed circuit boards, and microscopic section sampling" class="taglink" href="" target="_blank"> microscopic section sampling for metallographic" class="taglink" href="" target="_blank">metallographic analysis of each process.


II.            Product Features:

1.     It adopts high-quality pneumatic components and precision X/Y stepping guide + screw drive, with high accuracy, low vibration and low noise.

2.     Equipped with precision high-speed motorized spindle, high accuracy

3.     Sample size range is adjustable, wide applicability

4.     The thickness of the sample is up to 4mm (including 16 layers of copper layer), which can be applied to various multilayer circuit board manufacturers. If the copper-containing layer exceeds 16 layers, the total thickness of the copper layer is not more than 1 mm, and it can be realized by pre-drilling with a drill press.

5.     The sampling machine adopts the drilling and milling method to avoid the deformation of the sample and ensure the test accuracy.

6.     Flexible design, can be manufactured according to customer's special size requirements

III.         Working Condition:

1.     Working voltage: AC220V 50Hz triangular power socket, need good ground link

2.     Working pressure: 8kg/cm¬2, diameter 8MM

3.     Ambient temperature: 23±3°C

4.     Ambient humidity: 20-70% RH


IV.          Product Parameter:

1.     Maximum sampling size: length × width × thickness = 50 × 50 × 4mm

2.     Set sampling size: according to customer requirements; (generally 20mm × 15mm)

3.     Maximum sampling board 50mmX50mm (can take any position on the PCB)

4.     Sampling machine spindle: 24000r/min/220V/50Hz

5.     Sampling machine file: 1/8" (free replacement of file, recommended 2.0mm)

6.     Feed model: Set the sample size,  knife feed automatically and until the slice is completely removed from the machine vacuum cleaner

7.     Sampler shape: length × width × height = 680 × 590 × 980mm

8.     Infrared positioning

9.     PLC programming control