Long-arm Board Thickness Measurement Machine

I.               Product Application:

Long-arm board thickness measurement is mainly used for thickness measurement after copper clad laminate and multi-layer laminate, and other board thickness measurement. It is equipped with a computer to automatically record and store measurement data, and use domestic well-known SPC process control software to perform comprehensive process control data analysis on measurement data.

II.            Product Features: 

1. It can be zeroed at any spindle position by the zero/absolute home button, and it can also return to the absolute home position and display the distance.

2. The deep throat is big and it can measure the thickness of the middle part of a large board

3. The GO/±NG judgment can be made by setting the upper and lower tolerances, and the judgment result can be displayed in the original size.


4. Positive/negative counting can be performed by adjusting the mandrel up/down movement.

5. No limit corresponding speed effectively avoids over speed errors.

6. Measurement data can be output to an external data processor via the SPC cable option, and imported into a PC for data processing. It is clear and intuitive, and easy to implement various data management and control.

7. It can switch between mm/inch metric and inch units.

8. Measurement data LCD screen display and computer display screen display.

9. The table top is granite, beautiful and high-grade, and the surface is wear-resistant.

10. The performance is stable and reliable, the operation is simple, and the use is convenient.

11. Japanese original Mitutoyo" class="taglink" href="" target="_blank">Mitutoyo Mitutoyo" class="taglink" href="" target="_blank">Mitutoyo dial indicator.

12. In order to ensure accurate readings, the machine is operated with a foot switch so that the operator's hands can hold the material under test for quick and safe contact testing.

III. Working Condition:

1.     Working voltage: AC220V 50Hz triangular power socket, need good ground link

2.     Working pressure: 8kg/cm¬2, diameter 8MM

3.     Ambient temperature: 23±3°C

4.     Ambient humidity: 20-70% RH

IV. Product Parameter:

1.  Measurement range( mm )——0-800   

2.  Measurement stroke( mm )——0.1—20

3.  Accuracy( mm )——±0.003

4.  Display accuracy (mm) - ±0.001

5.  Depth throat( mm )——550 

6.  Work table size( W × D )( mm )——900 × 850

7.  Power supply - 220V, 50Hz, AC, single phase

8.  Gas supply - 0.6Mpa

9.  Machine net weight (kg) – 95

10.    Machine frame size ( W × D × H ) ( mm ) - 950 × 900 × 1380

11.    Measurement software - SPC analysis" class="taglink" href="" target="_blank"> SPC analysis and measurement software

12.    Dell Computer - Memory: 1G Hard Drive: 500 GB